Flavor Text

Doubled over in pain, the infection wracks your body. You convulse, hacking up blood and phlegm, barely able to summon the strength to breathe.

The plague, spreading like wildfire, appeared at the same time as those disgusting creatures, and near as you can figure, they are the ones that brought it.

Shakily, you rise to your feet. The creatures will have to be dealt with, that much is certain.

Prelude Conditions

After resolving setup, if Abhoth is the Ancient One, each Investigator spawns 1 Cultist Monster on a Wilderness space that does not contain a Cultist Monster.

If Abhoth is not the Ancient One, the Lead Investigator spawn the Child of Abhoth Epic Monster on the nearest Wilderness space.

Then, each Investigator gains 1 Illness Condition and 1 Clue.

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