A Dream Portal is an item on the board that is utilized when playing with the Dreamlands Side board. They are paths that connect the World Map to the Dreamlands Side board.

To use the Dream Portals, before starting play, draw the first three Gates from the stack that do not correspond to a place on the Dreamlands. Place the three Dream Portals on those spaces, and put those turned gates on the bottom of the Gate Stack [why bottom?].

If a Gate spawns on a space with a Dream Portal, place that Gate on the Dreamlands space that corresponds to the Dream Portal.

The Dream Within a Dream Mystery has an effect that causes a player to discard and then spawn a Dream Portal. When this happens, flip over the next Gate until it reveals a location on the main map, then place the Dream Portal on that space, placing the Gate on the bottom of the stack [citation. Why bottom?].

Dream Portals are local paths that connect to wherever they are written to go. Investigators on those paths follow the same rules for local paths when traveling on them.