The Magician


  • Action: Move 1 Monster from your space to another space containing a Gate.
  • Once per round, when you gain a Spell, you may gain 1 additional spell.

Flavor Text


"Do not be afraid. I have spent my entire life doing the impossible."


When the Great War ended, Dexter went from being a soldier to a stage magician. His charm and unparalleled skills quickly drew praise from around the world. As he toured the exotic corners of the world, he amassed a collection of genuine occult knowledge. Soon Drake became as much a master of real magic as he is of staged illusions. Eventually, his arcane studies revealed a dark power that is growing in strength. Now in Tokyo, Drake spends his nights performing and his days stopping the end of the world.

Team Role

Dexter is all about magic. He gains spells very quickly, and his starting assets make him even more powerful than most.

With his higher Will, he does well with Combat oriented magic and can slay monsters.


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