An Investigator is defeated when they lose all of their Health, Sanity, or both, through any means.

When an investigator is defeated, immediately advance the Doom by 1, then move that investigator to the nearest City space, or if the investigator is already on a city, leave them where they are. Turn their standee on it's side, and place a Health token on it if the player lost all of their Health, or a Sanity token if the player lost all of their Sanity. If the player lost all Health and Sanity at the same time, the player may choose which token they wish to place on the card.

Return all Conditions, improvement tokens, or Focus tokens the player might have had to their decks or piles.

As an Encounter, another investigator may resolve the effect on the back of the Investigator card in order to gain that Investigator's Possessions or other benefits. After this is completed, remove the standee from the board.

If a player is defeated and a Disaster strikes the space they are on, remove the investigator from the board.