Flavor Text

The world isn't the pristine, loving place that you once thought it to be. Every day the darkness encroaches upon the few truly good people who remain. The good and the righteous fall helpless to the darkness, powerless to stop it, yet the gamblers and the gluttons, the lazy and the wrathful, the proud, the jealous and the lustful, thrive.

You're no different from them; it's true, but you'll have the power to make things right. You've made sure of it.

Prelude Condition

After resolving setup, the Lead Investigator may gain a Dark Pact Condition to gain 1 Boon Condition.

If the Lead Investigator gains the Condition, another investigator may gain an Agreement Condition to gain 1 Boon Condition.

If that investigator gains the Condition, a third investigator may spend 2 Sanity and a gain a Debt Condition to gain 1 Boon Condition.

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