Conditions are a type of Card that can be gained through various effects. Unlike most other cards, conditions cannot be Traded between investigators unless one of the investigators has an Alter Fate spell. Most conditions are detrimental, with the exception of the Boon, Talent, and some Deal conditions, which are beneficial.

Each condition has one or more traits associated with it. Effects may reference these condition traits, in which case the players will only deal with a subset of the conditions.



Bane conditions are mystic detriments to the Investigator. The three Bane conditions are Cursed, Haunted, and Blight.


Boon conditions are holy benefits to the Investigator. The original Blessed condition is arguably one of the strongest effects to have, as it increases the odds of any successful dice roll from 33% to 50%. In the Strange Remnants expansion, the Righteous condition was introduced. It provides a much lower benefit than Blessed, but can be invoked during a Reckoning for a very powerful advantage at the cost of discarding the Condition.


Deal conditions represent bargaining with forces both mundane and supernatural, and are the most varied of cards. The Debt, Agreement, and Dark Pact conditions are all negative conditions, while the Funding and Promise of Power conditions are all positive conditions. Typically, these cards trigger during a Reckoning, but a Debt or Agreement can be removed before triggering by passing a Influencecheck.


There is only one Exposure condition in the game, Hypothermia, which was introduced with the Mountains of Madness expansion. It is similar to an Illness.


Illness conditions are medical afflictions that can harm the investigator. They can only be discarded by succeeding a test or die roll as a result of a Rest action. All Illness conditions also have negative Reckoning effects which do not remove the condition. The three Illness conditions are Diseased, Infection, and Poisoned.


Injury conditions are physical ailments that harm the investigator. They are similar to Illness conditions in the fact that they can only be discarded by a Rest action followed by a die roll. However, all Injury conditions test Strength for their Reckoning effect, and flip upon failure. There are four Injury conditions: Head Injury, Leg Injury, Internal Injury, and Back Injury.


Madness conditions are psychological problems that can affect the Investigator. They are similar to Illness and Injury in the sense that they can discard on a Rest action, but they usually require a die roll rather than a test. All Madness conditions except Despair have Will tests on Reckoning which flip the card upon failure. The Madness conditions are: Hallucinations, Despair, Amnesia, Hunger, Terror, and Paranoia.


Pursuit conditions are harring trials tied to locations, and when a player Travels, they can attempt to remove the condition through a straight die roll. The player is unable to Acquire Assets as long as they have the condition. On a Reckoning, Observation is to be tested to avoid failure.


Restrictions are effects that block a character from moving or undertaking the Action Phase. There are two restriction conditions in the game: Detained, and Lost in Time and Space. These two conditions nullify an investigator's action phase, and flip upon encounter. In the case of the Detained condition, investigators may perform a Local Action to test Influencein order to free the Detained investigator. In the case of Lost in Time and Space, the investigator is entirely removed from the game until his encounter phase.


Talents are innate abilities similar to Spells. A few require a skill tests in order to function. Once invoked, they generally require flipping the card, which can result in benefits or costs including losing the Talent.

Condition Deck Management

The conditions deck should contain all conditions, not separated by trait. Like with all other double-sided card decks, conditions should be drawn from the bottom of the deck going up. If a condition of a specific name or trait is required, search the deck from the bottom up for the first condition satisfying the requirements, and then shuffle the deck afterwards.

List of Conditions

Name Traits Set[1]
Agreement Deal 04
SR Symbol - Small
Amnesia Madness 01Core
Attuned Talent 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Back Injury Injury 01Core
Blessed Boon 01Core
Blight Bane 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Composed Talent - Boon 07
TD Symbol - Small
Cursed Bane 01Core
Dark Pact Deal 01Core
Debt Deal 01Core
Despair Madness 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Detained Restriction 01Core
Diseased Illness 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Elusive Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Funding Deal 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Guts Talent 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Hallucinations Madness 01Core
Haunted Bane 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Head Injury Injury 04
SR Symbol - Small
Headstrong Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Hunger Madness 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Hunted Pursuit 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Hypothermia Exposure 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Infection Illness 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Internal Injury Injury 01Core
Leg Injury Injury 01Core
Lost in Time and Space Restriction 02
FL Symbol - Small
Martial Prowess Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Moxie Talent 07
TD Symbol - Small
Paranoia Madness 01Core
Poisoned Illness 02
FL Symbol - Small
Practiced Talent 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Promise of Power Deal 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Quick Study Talent 07
TD Symbol - Small
Relentless Talent 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Resilient Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Righteous Boon 04
SR Symbol - Small
Rugged Talent 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Skulduggery Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Studious Talent 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Terror Madness 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Visions Talent 07
TD Symbol - Small
Wanted Pursuit 06
SoC Symbol - Small
  1. First appearance.

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