The Salesman


  • Action: You may trade any number of Item or Trinket possessions with another investigator on any space.
  • When you perform an Acquire Assets Action, reduce the value of each card in the reserve by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Flavor Text


"Reality is just a matter of negotiation."


According to Bob, the secret to success as a salesman is persistence. People just need to be told what it is that they want. Repeatedly. Recently, Bob came into possession of a handful of unusual golden coins, and Bob hopes that the same persistence he so famous advocates will help him to uncover their origin and purpose. His subsequent research taught him that the coins are rare and valuable, but also that some sort of curse is attached to them. Collectors refuse to touch them—but Bob is sold. He wants to know more.

Team Role

With his unique talents, Bob is someone who can gain assets quickly, and funnel them to those who need them. He starts with a rifle that makes him decent in battle, and can quickly adapt into any role the player might need.


Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • The reduction in asset value during the Acquire Assets Action only applies to Bob Jenkins and is not cumulative.