Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
The wind shrieks and wails, sucking moisture from the atmosphere and withering plant life into dust. Suddenly, the air ignites, and a curtain of flame begins to spread outward, leaping from structure to structure. You invoke the water spirits in the area to halt its advance (Lore). The sky opens up and a heavy rain begins to fall. The advancing flames flicker and die, and the spirit of a shimmering, leonine woman appears before you. You attempt to sway the spirit to banish the Black Wind (Influence). If you pass, place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the goddess censures you; lose 1 Sanity. The water spirits fail to heed your call, and the fire washes over you. Lose 2 Health. You try to keep calm and extinguish your burning clothes (Will). If you fail, your panicked flailing only serves to fan the flames,, and you are severely burned; impair Strength.
You stand atop a sprawling sand dune, watching the Black Wind blow swiftly across the desert. From city to city it blows, smothering anything that stands before it and leaving only smoking ruins behind. You examine your map carefully to determine where the Black Wind will strike next (Observation). You reach a small village before the Black Wind, and you call out to the spirits of those it has slain (Influence). If you pass, you are infused with the righteousness fury of Sekhmet, Goddess of Vengeance, and banish the Black Wind from the village; place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the wind washes over you; gain 1 Illness Condition. When you arrive at the village, it has already been destroyed. Lose 2 Sanity. Grief stricken you attempt to perform basic funerary rites for the slain villagers (Lore). If you fail, their spirits are spiteful, and harm you out of resentment; lose 2 Health.
One moment you trod upon solid ground, and the next you are floating in a starry void. A towering figure with the head of a baboon appears before you, arms crossed. Beside him, a simple golden scale rests of a stone pedestal. He invites you to speak freely of the Black Wind (Influence). Beyond nodding occasionally, he never moves, but you see the scales tip slightly in your favor. Before sending you back, he teaches you how to use his scales against the Black Wind (Lore). If you pass, the Black Wind suffers swift judgment; place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the scales refuse to obey you, and burn you when touched; lose 1 Health. The scales tips in opposition, and he casts you from his domain. Lose 1 Health and 1 Sanity. The future is bleak and the sting of your failures fresh. You try to keep your spirits up (Will). If you fail, you fall into a deep depression; gain a Despair Condition.
The Black Wind blows over the skies of Egypt, obscuring the sun and casting the Earth into shadow. Inky coils spiral downward from the sky, infecting the soil wherever they touch down. Anxious and afraid, you call upon a chant to invoke the old powers to show you a sign of hope (Lore). No sooner than the words leave your mouth, you are visited by an aspect of Khepri, who pushes the sun across the morning sky. Long abandoned by his followers, Khepri's aid is not easily enlisted (Influence). If you pass, Khepri ejects the black wind from his realm; place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, he rebukes you; gain 1 Injury Condition. Your prayers are answered only with darkness. Gain a Despair Condition. You try to convince the municipal government to evacuate local residents (Influence). If you fail, they question your connection to the Black Wind and savagely beat you; lose 2 Health
At night, the Black Wind swirls about the graves of the recently deceased, and not long after, the dead claw their way to the surface. You search through a collection of ancient papyrus scrolls, hoping to find a way to send the risen dead into the afterlife (Observation). You find a suitable prayer to Anubis, God of the Underworld, and undertake the accompanying ritual (Lore). If you pass, Anubis, made furious by the encroachment upon his domain, banishes the Black Wind; place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, Anubis is not roused, and instead, he whispers the date and time of your death; gain 1 Madness Condition. Try as you might, you can find nothing in the scrolls that will help you. Lose 1 Sanity. You try to combat the risen dead (Strength). If you fail, one of them bites you during the ensuing struggles, and the wound festers; gain 1 Illness Condition.
The Black Wind drifts silently from one place to another, leaving only death and disease in its wake. The goddess Isis visits you in a dream, commanding you to disperse her blessing upon her people, such that she may ease their suffering. You try to use her power to heal those afflicted (Lore). Word of your healing powers spreads. Sensing the turning tide, the Black Wind attempts to possess you directly (Will). If you pass, you dispel it from your mind; place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, your blessing is turned against the people you intended to save; Lose 1 Sanity. Despite your efforts, you fear the sickness is spreading. Gain a Diseased Condition. Enraged, Isis appears to you once more, demanding an explanation (Influence). If you fail, she withdraws her blessing; impair Lore
A devastating sandstorm rages for miles in every direction, the Black Wind swirling at its center. Abruptly, the wind ceases to affect you, and a tiny orange cat wanders by, seemingly unaffected as well. It pauses a moment to regard you, and you try to follow it (Observation). The cat leads you to the eye of the storm. You feel the divine favor of a powerful being surge through you, and you attempt to banish the Black Wind (Lore). If you pass, place this Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you hear hideous laughter through the murderous winds; gain 1 Madness Condition. Following the spry feline proves to be impossible, and the biting sands sting your eyes. Impair Observation. You stumble upon a dwelling and beg to be let inside (Influence). If you fail, you must weather the storm outside; lose 1 Health and 1 Sanity.
The once tranquil Nile churns and seethes, turgid waters whipped into a frenzy by the wicked wind. A low rumble can be heard in the distance as the water rises and the banks begin to flood. You plead with a priest of Sobek to call upon his god to calm the raging rivers (Influence). As the flood rises to your knees, a gigantic crocodile emerges on the opposite bank. It opens it maw to roar and the turbulent waters subside. You begin a ritual to banish the Black Wind before it can cause more harm (Lore). If you pass, place this Eldritch token on the Active Mystery. If you fail, the wind rends your skin; lose 1 Health The priest flees in terror from the river. You despair as a row of river dwellings is washed away in the flood. Lose 2 Sanity. You try to escape from the swiftly rising water (Strength). If you fail, you are swept away in the debris; gain 1 Injury Condition.

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