A Bane is a type of Condition. It represents a mystic detriment to the investigator, and contains some of the most powerful negative effects that could be placed on a character.

Banes may be obtained through an Encounter, a Monster, or through a Mythos card.

The three types of Banes are Cursed, Haunted, and Blight.

Cursed affects all skill checks, and makes only 6's count as successes (this does not affect other die rolls that require a certain number, such as removing an Injury condition during a Rest action). They can be removed on a Reckoning through a straight die roll of a 4, 5, or 6, or if the investigator gains a Blessed condition, they would instead discard the Cursed condition. If the investigator gains a Cursed Condition while he is already cursed, he instead flips the card and triggers it. Most Curses are discarded after they are resolved. Several curses may instantly Devour the investigator if they are on a certain type of space.

Haunted triggers on a Reckoning if the player rolls a 1, 2, or 3. They will impair a skill and cause another varied detriment to the player. Haunted cards always flip upon resolution, and may only be removed through gaining a Blessed condition (similar to the removal of a curse), or improving Will, in which case the Haunted condition is discarded instead.

Blight always triggers on a Reckoning and the player is always given a choice of two effects to resolve. The first is a minor effect, but flips the card, the second is more detrimental, but allows the player to discard the condition after it is resolved. If Hastur awakens, any player with a Blight immediately loses all of their Health and may not use any effect to prevent it.

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