Card Overview

Name: Antarctica
Card Type: Expedition Encounter
Variants: 6

Encounter Details

ID # Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
{{{ID # 1}}} {{{Initial Text 1}}} {{{Pass Text 1}}} {{{Fail Text 1}}}
4 As you approach the dark tower, the landscape suddenly transforms around you, as if you were witnessing thousands of years passing in an instant. The effect passes quickly but overwhelms your senses (Will). You realize that you've seen the future. In this vision, a being of unthinkable power escapes from this tower, unless you have the knowledge to prevent it (Lore). If you pass, you restore the seals on the tower; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, nothing can be done; lose 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition. You see your own severed head, connected to other heads by a strange, fibrous network. Lose 1 Sanity and gain a Hallucinations Condition. You hear many voices in your head, but one struggles to be heard over the others (Observation - 1). If you pass, the voice teaches you the arcane arts; gain 1 Spell.
5 You find the foundation of some ancient structure, but a snowstorm is on its way. Resolve the pass effect to set up your tent and wait out the storm; or resolve the fail effect to try to dig up the foundation before the blizzard starts. '

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