An Ally is a type of Asset or Unique Asset the player may acquire during a game of Eldritch Horror. These are people who join with the investigator when they are acquired. Where items often grant situational bonuses (such as +4Strength during combat) allies tend to grant smaller bonuses that are always in effect (such as +1Strength).

Some allies in the unique asset deck have the Character trait. They represent specific, named individuals. While the investigators in Eldritch Horror were created by Fantasy Flight, character allies are generally named after individuals from H.P. Lovecraft's stories.

Leo Anderson can easily gain allies from the reserve or discard pile with his investigator action. The Rise of the Elder Things Ancient One can allow players to gain allies quickly, as the player can gain a random ally if they pass the Will test when fighting one of their Cultists. The Serpent Crown Mystery requires players to sacrifice allies. Some effects, particularly when Syzygy is the Ancient One, trigger when the player has more Allies.

List of Ally Assets

Name Trait Set Value
Agent of Secrets Ally SR 4
Arcane Assistant Ally SoC 1
Arcane Scholar Ally Core 2
Arcanist Ally DL 3
Bodyguard Ally FL 2
Cat Burglar Ally Core 1
Chief Inspector Ally SoC 2
Conspiracy Theorist Ally FL 3
Esteemed Author Ally SoC 3
Expedition Guide Ally SR 2
Hired Muscle Ally Core 2
Hitman Ally DL 3
Lodge Disciple Ally SoC 4
Lodge Hunter Ally CiR 4
Lodge Physician Ally SoC 3
Lodge Researcher Ally Core 3
Monster Hunter Ally Mtns 3
Museum Curator Ally SR 3
Mystic Bounty Hunter Ally FL 2
Personal Assistant Ally Core 2
Private Investigator Ally Core 2
Psychoanalyst Ally Pyr 2
Research Student Ally FL 1
Security Squad Ally SoC 2
Specialist Ally SoC 3
Syndicate Agent Ally FL 2
Treasure Hunter Ally Pyr 4
Urban Guide Ally Core 4
Vatican Missionary Ally Core 2
Willful Aristocrat Ally DL 4
Witch Doctor Ally Core 3

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