As an action, an investigator on a City space tests Influence. Then he may gain any number of cards from the reserve with total value equal to or less than the test result.

  • If he is unable or chooses not to gain any cards from the reserve, he may instead discard one card of his choice from the reserve.
  • An investigator on a space containing a Monster cannot perform this action.

Jenny Barnes has a special ability that allows her to roll two extra dice when performing an Acquire Assets action (she may also, as an action, allow another player on her space to perform that action with the two extra dice). The Fine Jewelry she starts with allows a player to add one to any die roll when performing an Acquire Assets. The Fine Clothes asset allows any 6's rolled during the action to count as two successes.

Charlie Kane's special ability allows another investigator to gain the Assets he acquires instead of keeping it himself.

When Bob Jenkins performs an Acquire Assets action, all items are considered to have one less value than normal, to a minimum of 1. This does not apply to assets gained in ways other than an Acquire Assets roll, or for other uses of Acquire Assets such as for the Funding The Cause Task.

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