Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
You exit the alien city and ascend onto the icy plateau. Finally, the Dark God stands before you in all of its horror and majesty. The mere sight of the towering monstrosity threatens to shatter your mind (Will-1). You somehow master yourself, but you must calm the expedition crew to complete the binding ritual (Influence); roll 1 additional die for each Ally Asset you have. If your test result is 3 or more, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Otherwise, the crew panics and tramples you; lose 3 Health. Impossible. What hope could mortals have against such a god? The only option is to put an end to this fruitless quest.

Discard all of your Clues, Ally Assets, Focus, and Improvements tokens. Then, lose 3 Sanity.

Gaze out over the plateau at alien vistas. As you scan the horizon, you stare past the Pharos of Leng, through the Enchanted Wood, and into the depths of the Underworld. Finally, you believe you catch a glimpse of the Dark God's prison (Observation-1). As soon as you see the twisted prison, you are there. The abhorrent abomination god towers over you. Lose 2 Sanity. You know you must slay this being before its consume you (Strength); roll 1 less die for each Eldritch token on the Ancient One sheet (minimum 1 die). If you pass, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. You chase after the image of a lost goal, never able to catch up. Your spirit travels the Dreamlands for eons until your body is old and crumbles to dust.

You are devoured.

As you step out of the alien city, the wind stirs up a cloud of snow that stings your eyes. For a moment, you believe you see the silhouette of a massive creature standing beside the black tower before you. The being probes your mind for weaknesses (Will-1). You manage to maintain control of your faculties and begin a ritual to seal the Dark God (Lore-1). If you pass, the ritual is complete, but it requires a sacrifice; place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet and discard 1 Ally Asset. If unable, you know now this sacrifice is yours to make; you are devoured. You feel the Dark God's presence penetrate your mind, body and soul, corrupting your very essence.

Gain 1 Bane Condition, 1 Illness Condition, and 1 Madness Condition.

The black tower ahead of you glows an ominous blue hie. The Dark God senses your approach and reaches out to your mind. If you have a Dark Pact Condition, you are devoured. You struggle to drive the being's thoughts from your mind (Will-1). You resist the Dark God's suggestions and manage to glean some information from the exchange. You speak the arcane words that can bind the being to the black tower (Lore-1); only 6's count as successes. If you pass, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail, the being relents; lose 3 Health. For a moment, you fear you will be lost to the unyielding torrent of knowledge flooding your mind, but you know now the Dark God is not the enemy.

You are devoured.

As you approach the black tower, you are confronted by a group of elder things. The creatures block your path but seem hesitant, as if waiting to see what you will do. You attempt to communicate your goal to the alien beings (Influence-1). The elder things help you seal the Dark God with a ritual that requires a blood sacrifice (Lore); you may spend any number of Health to roll 1 additional die foe each Health spent. If you test result if 3 or greater, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Otherwise, the magic is too perilous; lose 3 Sanity. The elder things take to the skies, enraged by your persistence. Two of the creatures pin you down and fling you from the icy cliffs.

You are devoured.

You enter the labyrinthine city beyond the mountains in an attempt to locate the prison within (Observation-2); roll 1 additional die for each Clue and each Ally Asset you have. You find a black, stone tower standing alone on a plateau. You must empower the ward that binds the Dark God to this spot (Lore). If you pass, you may spend 1 Focus and 1 Clue to place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail or do not spend the Focus and Clue, advance Doom by 1. The impossible architecture and unfamiliar surrounds conspire to keep from your goal. As you round yet another corner, you realize that you are hopelessly lost.

You are devoured.

As you approach the black tower, the Dark God's power becomes more evident. The being's thoughts invade your mind, wreaking havoc on your psyche (Will-1). You come face to face with a massive, black-skinned monstrosity (Strength); roll 3 additional dice if you have a Magical Weapon possession. If your test result is 3 or greater, you overcome the god's power; place 1 Clue on the Ancient one sheet. Otherwise, the being's power is too great; lose 3 Health. The Dark Being infiltrates your mind, replacing your memories with loyalty towards its dark ambitions.

Lose 3 Sanity and gain a Dark Pact Condition.

A shoggoth thunders towards you across the Antarctic plain like a runaway freight train. It burbles and pipes most unnervingly, rooting you to the spot with terror (Will-1). You dive out of the way just in time. You sense a sinister presence in the wake of the shoggoth. You must cast a ward to protect your mind from the Dark God (Lore-1). If you pass, you may discard 1 Spell to place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail or do not discard the Spell, lose 3 Sanity. The shoggoth envelops you, surrounding you in its slimy, plasticine body.

You are devoured.

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